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In response to a recent comment, I am re-posting it here:


“Easter” was not known as a word until well after the 8th century AD, so it would be a little difficult to dump paganism on Constantine.  In that era and up until the middle ages, Easter was not a known celebration with bunnies and eggs.

History shows us that the bunnies and colored eggs originated in Germany and it was a simple spring celebration that had nothing to do with paganism or goddesses.

Because Christians choose to celebrate the arrival of spring with bunnies and dyeing Easter eggs, does not make them pagan.  No Christians that I am aware of worship the Easter bunny.  In fact, most “pagan” cultures of the world that celebrate Easter, recognize and affirm that the celebrations known as “Easter” have to do with the resurrection of Christ as far back as there is written record in world cultures since the first century.  So instead of Easter being seen as “pagan” it is actually seen by the world as having to do with Jesus.  It does not mean they celebrate the resurrection, but the true meaning is known by millions, as is Christmas.  They have become  secular traditions, but underlying it all, is the fact that most people are aware of these origins of both Easter and Christmas as having to do with Christ, not a pagan practices and a goddess who never existed in the first place!

A “revolution of religion” is not really a good way to view these things.  Religion is what it is.  Those who follow Christ are part of His body, not a religion.   In following  Christ and choosing to celebrate the coming of Spring, in a spiritual sense, reminds us of new life in Jesus Christ.  For those of us who live in the north part of the USA, we more than welcome the bunnies and colored eggs to usher in springtime, when snow and cold are distant memories and the warmth and beauty of God’s creation abounds with the brilliant colors of Easter and spring flowers! We worship Jesus Christ, risen – The Eternal King of Glory and praise His precious Name for the gift of Salvation and Eternal Life in Him!!!  This is the simplicity and beauty of the Easter season!!!

In Christ, sheep wrecked

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