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New Beginnings

We all have a story to tell about our life – the challenges, trips, tours and stumbling as our personal path winds its way to the finish line.  My hope is that this blog will be of help.   Sometimes we learn by experiences, and I have a boat load of them.  Maybe my rowing upstream will be recognised as a similar pattern, and perhaps these pages can help to avert you and get you turned back around.  It’s so much easier to row downstream 🙂

It’s been on the back shelf of my mind for a long time to have a webpage, a blog, or some kind of cyber-platform to share information and research that I have come across in my little jaunt in time to find the “real-deal” truth.  A friend suggested I try wordpress.com and here I am – and I actually did it all by myself – will wonders never cease 🙂  For those who know how “blonde” and how technically challenged I am, I hope it’s a pleasant surprise 🙂 

I will be adding articles and information as time allows and will occasionally add to comments on the frontend, just to keep things flowing along.  Please check out the “Pages” on the right hand column for your perusal. 

I enjoy dialogue, so don’t hestitate to contact me.  Emails are the spice of life 🙂 

Be blessed, and may the Peace of Jesus hold you close to His heart,

 For The Love Of Truth,

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